2016 Honorable Mention Pick 11

Xenia Rubinos: Black Terry Cat (Anti-, 2016)

This is what I thought indie rock was supposed to be.  Quirky music that draws from various genres and melts it all together to make something a bit like rock but not obsessively so.  For example, the fifth song Just Like I is pretty rocking but it bears little resemblance to classic FM rock.

Rubinos has a unique voice.  I read her bio and she went to Berklee College of Music but she doesn’t sound plain vanilla like loads of Berklee musicians (ahem John Mayer).  She has a trained voice but she’s got some quirk going on.

Lastly part of my liking this record is it sounds great.  Somebody did some really high quality work most notably the drums and the bass lending a strong vibe to Rubinos’ music.  Maybe you folks out there don’t listen like that but I do and it’s my blog yo.

Check this music out.


One thought on “2016 Honorable Mention Pick 11

  1. Indie rock can encompass many stylistic elements but what makes it Indie Rock is that it isn’t affiliated with any major label and was funded, created and released by the artist or an independent label that isn’t affiliated with a major. People started to associate a ‘sound’ with the term ‘Indie Rock’ since back in the late 80’s early 90’s there was more of a post-punk quirk to a lot of the bands that spearheaded the DIY movemment, mostly because they could barely play their instruments and only had access to cheap gear etc. a sound born of neccessity, hahaha! It was just always about being true to the individual and dissassociating with the big money machines that destroyed so much of what music is supposed to be about. Anti is a great label and really expands on the concept of what indie can be with everyone from Soul legend Solomom Burke to Tom Waits to Roky Erickson to Deafheavan and The Coup all on their roster.

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