Best of 2016 Pick 7

Eliades Ochoa: Leyendas (Plus One, 2016)

Great percussion, excellent stringed instrument playing (plenty of big solos), beautiful vocal arrangments — all the elements of a record of Cuban music that will deliver an oodle of great listens.  Man, when this percussion player hits itin the first tune, El Cuarto De Tula, welcome to flavor country people (that video is clipped below for your earholes, btw).  Ochoa is/was one of the Buena Vista Social Club sideman, but this music sounds much more traditional than the more polished for gringo music of Buena Vista.

This record is up on the streaming services, but I could not find a lot of videos on the GooglePimp and Soundcloud, so you only get the tune below to check out what this record is about.  If you dig Cuban music, check this one out it’s a monster shot.  And if you don’t like Cuban music there might be something wrong with you.


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