Best of 2016 Pick 8

Konono No. 1 Meets Batida (Crammed Disc, 2016)

I’m not particularly interested in preaching to the choir.  Those folks who know about Konono No. 1 don’t need me to praise them.  The question remains: How do you explain this funky music to non-funky people?

Please look in the mirror, dear reader.  Are you a funky person?  Do you know what that even means?  Are you a four on the floor drum machine kinda person/cubicle dweller or do you get the strange and driving power of an electrified thumb piano?  Distorted and driving with a guitar player, some electronics, awesome singing and chanting.  These guys use a drum machine as well, but it’s surely not used in the same way it’s used in hipster white boy bands.

I don’t want to be all racist and shit, but the odds are the black readers of this blog will be more likely understand what Imma talking about.  It’s the white folks out there that are the problem, these are the folks who need to open their minds up to this kind of music.

Please, unfunky people out there, do yourselves a favor and peep this music.


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