2016 Honorable Mention Pick 7

Matt Parker: Twos and Fours (Concierge, 2015)

A raucous and swinging jazz record I found a few months ago.  I love the energy of the playing as well as the sound of the record. It has an ambient sound which sometimes doesn’t work for jazz records (in my opinion) but it works really well here.

The rhythm section is great — the drummer and the bassist hold down the rhythm while being very enjoyable to listen to.  The horn playing leans more to the honking rather than the smoky lounge straight jazz ballad horn work.  That is, in fact, my favorite aspect of it, it’s not a cliche sounding jazz record at all.

In that vein there are strange electronic noises dropped occasionally as well as the sound of laughter and other random noises.  Some of them I like, some of them I find distracting so I’m agnostic on the whole non-sequitur noise thing.

Check this record out.


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