2016 Honorable Mention Pick 2

Xibalba: Tierra Y Libertad (Southern Lord, 2015)

I was reading on a heavy metal blog about the idea of ‘overwhelmingness’ of the music overcoming the listener.  While I understand that many people would hate that feeling of being overwhelmed it is a characteristic of music that I really enjoy.  I like intensity and energy.

Of course, everybody wants to be overwhelmed in their own personal way and I enjoy the way this band does it.  The drummer is a bruiser, he sounds like he’s trying to pound your head into the ground.

The guitar player mostly locks in with the drummer and drops big blasts of distortion but he does occasionally shred for a bit and he’s a more than able riff-er.

The singer is a shouter, hardcore typa feel, not that weird caveman whoooooooo thing.

And as with most metal bands there’s a bass player but he gets no props and the same is true here.  He fulfills his function and then he will die.

I would say this band is a heavy metal extension of the hardcore punk tradition.  No operatic drama here, just a beat down for your earholes.


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