2016 Honorable Mention Pick 4

The Reverend Peyton and his Damned Big Band: So Delicious (Shanachie, 2015)

This roots rock record is both dirty and nerdy.  The band is high energy and pretty rocking (for the style) and the singer sports a unique lower register voice.  Combine his voice with some pretty whacky lyrics (the second tune is titled Pot Roast and Kisses) and you have an atypical and flavorful record.

In addition there is some pretty high end guitar pickin’ and playin’ going on here. When he hits the hook on the pro working class anthem Dirt with a cadre of female background singers it’s pretty entertaining.

There are a lot of good tunes on this record.  My favorite tunes are sport titles like Pot Roast and Kisses, Dirt, Scream at the Night, Front Porch Trained, and Music and Friends.  There is no irony or hipness to be found on this record, just some pro working people hayseed country pogo action.


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