Best of 2016 Pick 3

Living Hell: Oblivion (Eulogy, 2009)

I saw this 2009 metal record on an email being re-issued and I understand why.  This band is a very tasty blend of metal with touches of classic metal and hardcore punk.

Most of the tunes are mid tempo stompers with excellent guitar sounds and a nice rhythmic lock betwixt the guitar player and the drummer.  Ooh, in this sixth tune 122112 they get into a ramped up thrash section that is a ripping good time so they’ve made a liar out of me.

Just right the balance of hard music sounds for me.  Excellent drummer that thrashes, sprays and pushes the band.  Excellent guitar sounds that are metal with hardcore punk touches and good shreds.  Excellent singer that gives the band a muscular but not ridiculous stance.  There’s no worse gig than being a bass player in a metal band.

28 minutes of smack down, check ’em out.




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