Best of 2016 Pick 1

Noises: Blossoming Decay (A389 Recordings, 2015)

There’s a moment on the seventh song, Another Night Sleeping in the Cold, where the rhythm of the drums and the power chord sauce from the guitarist rhythmically lock and it sounds like you’re in a boxing ring getting pummeled.  It also sounds a bit like the wind on a night where you might be sleeping outside in the cold, and that would be artistic and shit.

I meant to get to this record for my 2015 best of year list ( which is definitely one of the most thorough multi-genre lists out there in the punk ass music review ‘community’).  But I saw this record on the Pitchfork best metal records of 2015 and I thought if it’s good enough for the weasel necked pricks it’s good enough for me.  Actually I was a bit surprised this made it onto their list as they like that new Deafheaven biscuit, which is just dirty indie nugget passing itself off as heavy metal.

The Apple Music page for this has this record as black metal/death metal.  Regular readers know how much I don’t want to be a genre bitch but to my ears it’s more of thrash/post-hardcore affair with touches of classic metal.  I genre bitched and I did it right here.

The main appeal of this record lies with the good connection between the guitarist and the drummer.  When they start whooping it up it’s really quite pleasant — makes you wanna go out and shoot Darren Wilson, the cop that murdered Michael Brown.  Or help feed Taylor Swift into an industrial sized meat grinder while she pleads for her life.  Oh Tay Tay, there’s no escape now, you’re going to be fed to dogs, deal with it!!!!! Throw in a hardcore punk style singer and it’s horns up you shitheads.  The last five tracks are live tracks and I was not looking forward to them, but they’re actually quite impressive, further solidifying their thrash/punk/metal boner fides.

Check this anti-social gem out and then go burn something down.




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