Best of 2015 Pick 16

Fuck the Facts: Desire Will Rot (Noise Salvation, 2015)

I’m going to digest as much of the heavy metal on my listening list before the holidays as Christ died so we could listen to heavy metal.  He’s into it, he don’t mind the Satan at all.  Following that introductory nonsense this may be my favorite heavy metal record of the year.

This is molten monster shot of metal, thrash, hardcore punk, grind, post-rock a tad of doom — you name it.  It’s all blenderized and served up undiluted.  It’s a full on celebration of simultaneously not giving a fuck and really giving a fuck.

Not giving a fuck in the sense of letting it all the bad emotions out without regard for society.  Fuck society!  Giving a fuck in terms of creatively and intensely honoring all those emotions.

Excellent drummer in all styles — suffocating thrash, kick drum wallop, big octopus sprays.

Excellent guitar tones and guitar playing — very satisfying grinding that often erupts into wild melodic spasms, even some classic guitar metal shredding thrown in at odd points.

Ugly bass player — heavy metal bass players have hard lives as they don’t get much in the way of props.  Sorry dude.

The singer alternates between an almost caveman low register thing and a very convincing upper register end of his rope  wail.  No epic opera singer going here.


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