2015 Honorable Mention Pick 20

The Alchemist: You Disgust Me (Mass Appeal, 2015).

Everything on this hip hop record is dirty.  There are many references to shit, taking a shit, the apartment is dirty, some dude is diving in the dumpster, one of the MCs is shitting like a senior citizen, the city is fucked up and dirty.

The MCs are very aggressive — most everything is in your face and they work the mic hard.  But as mentioned above while there might be some drug dealing going on, this isn’t a gangsta record.

The arrangements are an interesting mash.  There are some really sweet and angular guitar riffs tucked in here, a couple tracks with church organ, some nice rock bass sounds, and a simple flute riff towards the end.

This is not a record for the family, it ain’t for yuppies, it’s not for people to drink flavored coffee to, it’s for dirty ass mofos.


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