Best of 2015 Pick 17

Kowloon Walled City: Grievances (Neurot, 2015)

Another one of my favorite heavy music records of the year.  This record tilts more to the sad, shoe gaze, post-hardcore side of town than the methed-out, pissed beyond pissed metal part of town.

Make no mistake it’s heavy and sonically it shares much with heavy metal but the tempos are slowed down (while not coming off as doom metal).

A special shout goes to whoever recorded, mixed and produced this record as it sounds great.  Tight, nasty bass sound, epic but not cheesy guitar sounds, and big hard rock drums.

The singer sounds like the captain of a sinking ship singing about how fucked up it is that his ship is going down.  He doesn’t sound like he’s about to pull out an AR-15 and blow everybody away.

Check these guys out, this is a beautiful record.


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