Honorable Mention 2015 Pick 8

Spacesuits: Spacesuits (Urbnet, 2014)

Somewhat of a concept hip hop album with the theme of space travel and leaving Planet Earth peppered through the record with some bop gun noises and space-inspired sounds.  The space theme is tongue in cheek but the humor isn’t corny.

Multiple MCs that all do really good work on the respective microphones and sounds that are closest to the Wu.  Not as stripped down as the Wu but a similar trippy vibe.  This outfit hails from Canada and their distance from major American hip hop centers such as NYC, L.A., and Atlanta might explain the lack of visibility.

These guys have it going on — funky beats, interesting arrangements, multiple rhymers with smart lyrics.

Check them out and support them.  They’re over at the Bandcamp and up on the streaming stores.

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