2015 Honorable Mention Pick 19: Owiny Sigma Band

Owiny Sigoma Band: Nyanza (Brownswood, 2015).

If you hate techno, and I hate the vast majority of it, check out the second tune on this record, Luo Land, to see how funky a drum machine can be.  Take a classic kick-hat boom-titch, throw a conga like hand drum underneath, some stick percussion up top and then put a funky African dude in front of the mic.

This record is about equally split between African sounds and electronic elements.  The third, Owour Wen Gembe, features African vocals, a kora (pretty good guess) and some nice slow synth sounds in the back of the mix.

The fourth tune, I Made You/You Made Me is a catchy ditty which I wish was more adventurous as the groove is hot but just a bit on the tourist-y side.  But he’s back on it the funky electronica with track 8, Tech 9.

He’s got a blend of bangers and more lilting, lyrical tunes with the song Deep Kisumu Fish combining the groove with the lyrical vocal hooks and hammered kalimba type percussion.  Sweet.


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