2015 Honorable Mention Pick 20

Bill Horist: Guitar Weirdo (Tangenisis Artifactory, 2013)

A recording of solo prepared guitar.  The opening track, Pulse Generation, is a dark affair establishing itself with a simple bump bump beat and a violin-esque loop supporting some r2d2 squirkt guitars and a dash of wamble.  It closes with an abstract wail.

The second tune Overture is centered around some harmonic plinks and the third tune Salt-Stung with Telluric Lips has a bit of an Eastern sitar-sound to it.  I like them but he gets back into the dark jam on the fourth tune, Scissors.  I like the chopped, Blade Runner-y demented robot feel of his dark jams.

The fifth tune Our Scars of Braille Withheld is also slow and dark and it approaches Peak Squeal for the record before it settles down and feedbacks away.  Gravity’s Backwash features a looped rumble with some flirting werble squirting to and fro — it’s a simple pairing of sounds but very hypnotic and may be one of my favorite tracks on the record (it is clipped below) The groove just deepens as the squeal morphs and reverses and generally fucks your mind up.

Insects of the Divisible Insomnia is purposefully grating with some metallic bug like scratching twerking beneath slabs of feedback.  It’s hard to like as it’s a bit like someone shoving a screwdriver in your ear, but it ends with a Hendrix-like wash of rolling guitar burn.

Tastefully textured with a variety of sounds folks should check this record out.





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