2015 Honorable Mention Pick 16

Evan Caminiti: Meridian (Thrill Jockey, 2015)

You would expect a guitarist that makes abstract ambient music to have a lot of metallic flavored sounds on his record. And you would be right, but there are many other pleasing sounds on this strong record — some really beautiful slow moving clouds of metallic tinged sounds, some very plinky slicing sounds, and some middle of the earth rumbles.

I would not be surprised if there are only manipulated and processed guitar sounds on this record. The tempo of most of the tunes on the record are slow, but not paint drying slow — there’s a pleasing slow scrolling feel to the music.

It’s a dark affair to be sure, but dark music is nutritious. I appreciate the balance of low end sounds with high frequency oscillating sounds, and I appreciate the distinct lack of any cheesy sounds on this record. I’ve clipped a couple of my favorite tunes below.

Check it out.


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