2015 Honorable Mention Pick 15

ILSA: The Falcon’s Claw (A389, 2015)

With a good heavy metal record you’re gonna catch a beatdown.  The only question is how would you like your beatdown to go?

These guys offer up primo guitar sludge served on a bed of thrash and straight metal drumming topped off with a frontman who sounds like somebody just poisoned him.

The first tune, Oubliette, is more of an uptempo tune with a little bit of classic shredding, but the second tune 25 Cromwell settles into a common slow midtempo monster walk.  They’re not gonna beat you up quickly and they’re not going to quite drown in you in stoner guitar syrup, it’s gonna be a nice relaxed beating.  When those guitars start grinding it’s really quite pleasant.

Grade A American sonic assault, check ’em out.

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