Take the first 3-4 songs and tip!

Royce Wood Junior: The Ashen Tang (PIAS America, 2015).  The first 4 songs are highly funky.  Junior has a flows like liquid voice and the arrangements are hot.  However, as the album progresses it gets slower and more ballad-y and generally a lot less funky.  I was pretty disappointed as brand new super funky music is hard to come by and slow, torch-y ballads are a dime a dozen.  I’ve clipped my favorite tune.

I would think about giving this tune, Clanky Love, song of the summer.  A little Prince, some Stevie Wonder and some really well done lyrics.

Astral Swan: All My Favorite Singers are Willie Nelson (Madic, 2015)  I love the first tune — raw lyrics, sparse arrangement.  And the few tunes after that are what I imagine great indie to be — smart, simple and vibrant.  And then the focus shifts and it gets slower and less biting and I lost interest.  I’ve clipped a bit of the first tune, and I was lucky to even find this first bit.


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