A big July 4th fuck you to Apple/Apple Music!

Someone gifted me an iPhone 3gs a few years ago.  I loaded up the Beats app and I could download music onto that iPhone and listen on bike rides, in the car, etc.

Now we have the fantastic new world of Apple Music and you need the latest version of the iPhone operating system to listen.  My iPhone 3GS can not load anything later than iOS 6.XX.

Overnight Apple killed my portable stereo.  By taking a streaming music store that was once used in a browser, and then was used as a standalone app, and putting it into the operating system, Apple says you can have this awesome thing but you’re gonna have to fork up and have the lastest Macintosh hardware and that shit ain’t cheap.

I have not looked up what you have to do to get Apple Music on your Macintosh desktop but I’m not holding my breath that I will be able to stream Apple Music on my old Mac Mini that can’t run Yosemite.  There’s a good chance they’re going to kill one of my home stereos.

This is the kind of shit that got Microsoft in trouble back in the day when they insisted that Internet Explorer was part of Windows, but apparently Apple is so cool that they can get away with it.

And if you think this is some accidental outcome and that Beats absolutely had to be put into the Apple operating system you’re out of your mind.  Because the Beats store/app is still going alongside of Apple Music, but they’ve already sent out an email that they’re going to kill standalone Beats at some point in the future, forcing you to get Spotify or accept Apple Music on the hardware you have.

This is why Apple is in the music business, to sell more Apple hardware.  $600 iPhones, iPads, etc.



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