Taylor Swift fought hard for your right to that 1/5th of a cent!

From here:

Breaking: Apple Paying Just $0.002 Per Stream During Its Free Trial Period…

Back in the day selling 10,000 copies of a record on an indie label could get you onto a major label.  Huge indie punk bands like Fugazi would sell 30-40,000 copies of a title and live well on that.

So let’s say 40,000 people stream an entire record that has 10 songs on it making 400,000 streams.

And 400,000 streams at .002 per stream totals to $800.

Now CDs would go out the door from the label at $7 a disc so 40,000 discs was $280,000.  So Fugazi would have made all that money because they ran their own label and didn’t split that pile of loot.

Now say every single person who heard the record shit their pants with joy and streamed it 20 times.  That’s a pretty decent amount of spins.

8,000,000 song spins gets you $16,000.

The part of this math that isn’t all over the internet is that most people will not say talk about what a successful indie band would sell.  People still have this idea in their head that a musician that is on stage playing to decent sized crowds is making big bank on their records, when $280,000 is what an asshole stock broker at Bank of America might make during a decent year.

If you like any band or musician that’s not part of the Taylor Swift/Beyonce/No Direction/Nickelback complex they’re most likely working off the math above.


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