Who else is completely burnt on Taylor Swift?

Ms. Swift:

She writes Apple Music’s decision to not pay musicians any royalties for its three-month free trial period is “shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company.”

And she has the fucking audacity to say this push to eliminate the three month free trial for Apple Music is not about her, but about new and emerging musical artists.

Could she please just fuck the fuck off with the propaganda?  Taylor Swift could give a fuck about anything but Taylor Swift.

Let’s just be real about a three month free trial — if an emerging artist is streamed 1,000 times during this three months by my rough calculations that’s about $7.50 in missed income.

A couple of cups of burnt tasting coffee at Starbucks.

For me this is about Taylor Swift’s business model which requires her to be in the press as much as possible so she can build her brand because lord knows her music is pretty average.

She’s fighting for her pocketbook and her rep by fighting for the little guy.


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