Miley Cyrus’ muff/penis propaganda/PR move

One of the very first uses of public relations propaganda occurred when a cigarette company gave smokes to women marching in a voting rights march in New York City.  They sought to associate the act of smoking with the strength it took for women to take to the streets demanding the right to vote.  And this association worked in getting more women to think it was cool to smoke because suffragettes were smoking.

Fast forward over 100 years today to Miley Cyrus who has recently staked her claim on the LGBT issue which is large in our society today.  (You go Caitlyn!)  She has said she enjoys both a nice muff and a nice penis and she doesn’t think about the gender of the person who is connected to aforementioned muff or penis.  Fantastic and good on ya.

Now instead of enjoying all flavors of genitalia quietly and in private, Miss Cyrus has chosen to publicly associate herself and her music with this issue.  This association with LGBT issues most definitely is profitable to her and lends a serious aura to her music which is extremely shallow and of average quality.  It is free, super high quality marketing for her sad bag of banger.  Something I’m sure she and her team of publicists are well aware of.

And you may say fie on you, you cynical fucker!  Miley Cyrus would never support an issue and pimp it at the same time!!  For God’s sake we’re talking Hannah Montana here.  Walt Frickin’ Disney people!

And I say it is thus — she both cares about both aspects of it as she cares about both muffs and dicks.  She wants to throw her booty out there in support of LGBT issues and she is pimping it at the very same time.

What a wonderful world it is where time honored propaganda techniques work so reliably.


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