2015 Honorable Mention Pick 13

Napalm Death: Easy Meat (Century Media, 2015)

I would put this record right up into the best of list except the first tune, the title track, kind of sticks out from the rest of the record.

This being metal it’s okay to be brutal, so if you amputated that first first tune you would be left with a hot nugget of thrash metal, hardcore punk and generally a foul and beautiful depiction of negative feelings.

Everybody in the band is a great player but for me the drummer really stands out.  He is tighter than a nun’s pussy while spraying and blasting random shit all over.  It’s really quite a pleasure to listen to him play.

The guitar player gets into some really tasty insanity inducing circular grinds that pop out into some ka-chunk/riffy stew.

I have a lot of trouble with metal singers but I Iike this guy.  I can’t understand what the fuck he’s on about but he doesn’t sound like some sort of Neanderthal slack jawed fucker, he just sounds really friggin’ pissed.

Sink into that nice hot bath of hateful bile.  Good shit.



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