No need for a publicist, I will tell you myself that my blog shit is awesome

Regular readers of this blog know how much I enjoy marketing and being marketed to.  It’s fun, it’s informative, it’s great for business.

I’m never going to rise up the ladders of music blogging to heaven with getting out there and marketing myself to you and whoever will listen.

I will be writing myself a stickie note reminder to every once in a while drop a post into this great, dare I say stunning music blog, telling you how completely awesome my shit is.

There are very few cross genre music blogs out there.  I love the metal, I love the African music, I love the punk rock, I love the jazz, I love the country music, I even hold my nose and listen to this indie rock for all my indie rock fans out there.

That’s awesome, there’s no way around it.

There are no blogs that I know of that tell you how they got to a particular piece of music that they’re reviewing.  I know it’s not appropriate to question the honesty of the music business and its marketing arm, but a skeptical person might say that you really have no choice in music you’re going to ‘eat’ what’s put on your ‘plate’ while maintaining the illusion that you’ve chosen this for yourself.

I don’t piss on your head and tell you it’s raining — that’s fucking awesome.

So spread my awesomeness around like butter on a big ol’ slice of bread and thank you for being here to witness my awesome.


2 thoughts on “No need for a publicist, I will tell you myself that my blog shit is awesome

  1. All true. I love your fucking blog. I sing its praises to friends all the time. Id even wear a fucking shirt if you made one, that’s how devoted I am. Pitchfork can suck it.

    • hey mr. whirly. thanks for the positive feedback, it’s good to see you’re still enduring the steady flow of bile and nonsense. we won’t get into what that says about your self-esteem and rock on.

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