Active Music Listening Thursday May 7, 2015

YTD recordings listened to: 351
Good music, not recommended for purchase: 207
Not good music: 113

Honorable Mentions: 11
Buys: 8

Possibles: Chris McGregor, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Dave Arner Trio, Bill Horist, MAKU Soundsystem, Zomby, Retox, About Group, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Bone Dance, Defeater, Jonwayne, Okkyung Lee, The Ballantynes, Debruit, Slidhr, The Whammies, The Chewers, Alexander Hawkins, Toxic Holocaust, Equal Stones, Comeback Kid, Susie Iberra/Roberto Rodriguez, Lenguas Largas, The Coral, Spacesuits, T.O.M.B., Fofoulah, Lozen, Erase Errata, Mohammed Abozekry, Dawn Richard, Torche, Leo Welch, Astral Swans, Mastery, Leviathan, Xibalba, Hartley C. White, Weed, Cold Waters, Chui Wan

@@@ Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea: Pretty Girls (RCA, 2015).  Akin to how many Polish dudes does it take to screw in a lightbulb, if you take two low IQ achievers and make a track with them is the track smarter than a track by one low IQ achiever or is twice the stupid?  It’s a hard question to answer.  There’s nothing more satisfying on a glorious spring day than listening to two young ladies talk about how hot they are.  Have at it!!

@@@ Sleep: Sleep’s Holy Mountain (Earache Ltd, 2015).  A friend of mine at our food coop recommended these guys so I thought I would give them a peep.  I would put this in the stoner-boogie metal subgenre.  Sabbath-y buzz to the guitars and the minimalist vocals.  The second tune, the Druid, sports an extended jam with some very very tasty fuzzy bass playing/guitar dueling.  Oh man, I hope folks check these dudes out, this is some righteous shit.

@@@ Nao: February 15 (Little Tokyo, 2015).  Off the Beats ‘Highlights’ page.  Retro beats, thick booty bass and a distinct 1980s Prince vibe.  Female singer and keyboard heavy arrangements.  It’s pretty funky, but I would just head on over to Prince’s 1999 and get the real thing.

@@@ Nurse with Wound: Diploid (Jnana, 2015).  Some music off my heavy metal weekly newsletter, although it doesn’t appear like it’s going to be a heavy metal record.  I’m thinking more of ambient/avant sound design kind of thing.  Yes, that’s what it is, complete with dissonant string manipulation, some piano pushing through and some abstract female vocals.  A schmattering of a lot of sounds put together in an orchestral manner.

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