Best of 2015 Pick 8

Khaira Arby: Timbuktu Tarab (Popcornlab, 2011)

I was reading a publicist email blurb this week where Robert Christgau (eminent American rock critic) said Band X ‘tore shit up’.  And to be honest, I thought they were wet cardboard soft, but this woman Khaira Arby and her band, now they tear shit up on this 2010 release (and they have a new record coming out in the next month or so)

A two guitar attack, one plinky rhythm guitar and a lead player who picks 99% of white indie guitar players out of his/her stool.

Ms. Arby who hails from the Saharan Timbuktu is a force on the microphone.  Strong hardly describes what she has going on melodically and tonally.

Add in a rock solid kit drummer and a bass player and you have a band that tears shit up.


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