Geeks and narcissists team up to destroy your emotional life

From here:

The Oscars are also, by any objective measure, a decadent and stupid ritual, an orgy of luxury branding and self-congratulation for an industry already bloated by both. But the reason I find the Academy Awards especially gross has to do with the way the ceremony turns artistic endeavor into a zero-sum game.


This statement applies equally to the Grammys.  Movies, music, books, they’re all different versions of the same product.

Late in this article the author talks about the individual’s ability to engage with a piece of art according to that individual’s emotional life and their needs at that point.

And I would say that the music and movie business and the geeks that are transforming those business through the extensive use of data and metrics absolutely do not give two shits about your emotional life or your needs at any point of time.  In fact, those two things are an obstacle to them selling you more mindless, corporate cultural PRODUCT.

The sooner you realize that the people in charge could give a fuck about you, the sooner you can turn away from the Beyonce shit, and the Miley Cyrus shit, and the Justin Timberlake shit, and the NIckelback shit, and the Imitation Game shit (I watched half, what a colossal pile of shit), the J-Law shit, all the corporate shit that will destroy your mind allowing you to be controlled by data and numbers and corrupt critics who put pretty wrapping paper on this mindless garbage and the sooner you can find musicians and film makers that are trying to connect with your emotions and alleviate some of what might ails.

Like the documentary The Missing Piece.
Like the Edward Snowden doc Citizenfour (I know it got nominated).
Like the Carcass record ‘Surgical Steel’.
Or Tzenni by Noura Mint Seymali.

That is art and culture that will make you feel something.  Maybe they won’t make you jump up and down for joy but it’s always been my motto that feeling bad is much better than feeling nothing at all.

And most of this corporate ‘art’ is designed to make you feel nothing at all.

Spectacle and cliches and tits.


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