Best of 2015 Pick 7

Coffinworm: IV.I.VIII (Profound Lore, 2014)

A lot of the metal records I like are undercover modified hardcore punk records.  Sloppy, thrashin around like a fish in the bottom of the boat, pissed off and lurching around.  Awesome examples of precision metal I can get with, but uptight metal is not a big draw for me.

These guys, however, are a metal outfit.  Big sludgy power chords, caveman drummer, fully unintelligible singer.  However the drummer is extremely musical and the guitar tone is absolutely huge — big oozing waves of distortion with a pleasing sharpness that keeps it from the stoner rock realm.

These guys are also excellent arrangers and keep their tunes interesting.  Sections centered around riffage, thrash sections, stoner rock/purple drank/slower sections with waves of distortion.

Just when you get tired of the singer’s caveman shred he erupts in a Satan ate my AM radio howling goblin tone.

These guys are rough and creative, check them out.


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