Taylor Swift legally destroying anything that conflicts with her personal mythology

From the Daily Beast here:

“She said she’d get bullied in school. She’d come home and cry and teach herself guitar, and that pretty much explains the absence of me, right?” he demanded. “And what she would do is ‘play the guitar until her fingers bled,’ according to her. And then her mother says, ‘there’s not a bullet I wouldn’t take to remove that pain from her, it’s really hard when you see your child come home crying.’ I mean, they put this act together so flawlessly.”

But he insists that’s all it was: an act drummed up to personalize the star for potential fans.

“If it had come out at the beginning that she was filthy rich her entire life, nobody would have bought into her quite so much,” Cremer asserted, scorn clear in his voice. “That doesn’t sell as good. That she hired this 36-year-old, chubby bald guy to come over and give her lessons two days a week—a teenage girl doesn’t want to hear that.

Well this blows a giant fucking hole in Ms. Swift’s artistic integrity.  I don’t know about you but I prefer ‘artists’ to tell the truth.

I’ve heard Ms. Swift talk about her artistry (dubious on a good day) so she should address the fact that she and her family are liars!!



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