Best of 2015 Pick 4

Dengue Fever: The Deepest Lake (MRI, 2015).

I circled back to check out this record after reviewing a Christmas tune they had up on the Beats store and receiving a glowing review from the folks at WRIR in Virginia.

This record of an L.A. band with a female Cambodian singer who sings in both Cambodian and English could work for a pretty wide audience.  The Deepest Lake is as much a rock record as it is a world music record.  The rhythm section is super solid and smokes most bands out there.  There are some horn parts and a little bit of keyboard action but it’s mostly drums, bass, and guitar.

The guitar player plays less than more but what he plays is very hooky and melodic.  The singer is an interesting combination of sexy and weird.  She more than carries the weight of fronting a tight, experienced band.

The songs are very lean and well arranged — some rockin’, some trippy, some funny.  If you took the B-52s and bred them with Elvis Costello’s Attractions and raised that baby in East Asia it would sound like this record.

Don’t sleep on this record.


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