Changes to the list

Khun Narin: Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band (Innovative Leisure, 2014).  This record made a ton of year end best of 2014 lists but I think it’s kind of one dimensional and I like it during the first tune and like it less as it rolls on.  It’s a great marketing story, an Asian psych/jam band with hand drums and a shredding guitar player with a delay pedal, but the playing itself is a bit on the one dimensional side.  Now I guess if you had a big bag of weed and just wanted to groove in the one spot these guys create then you’re just sittin pretty with your weed and this record and God bless you you stoned bastards.

Doug Sheegers: Going Down to the River (New Rounder, 2014).  I really like Sheeger’s voice and the first tune is a bring the rafters down torcher, but it kind of slows down after that.  Doesn’t get bad, just less energy and if he had kept with the uptempo and urgent vocals I would’ve like it more.  Pretty standard arrangements, a lot of folks might like this.  All you smooth, alt-country types that is.






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