2014 Honorable Mention Pick 6

Samba Toure: Fondo (Camara Production, 2014).

I would compare this record favorably to Sidi Toure’s recent record on Thrill Jockey.  Where Sidi sounds more like a player than a singer, Samba really projects and animates his vocals on this record.

Other flourishes here include a violin which sounds really thin and melodic and reminds me of old school classical indian music recordings.  The percussionist plays some very simple but sophisticated patterns and I found myself listening to his grooves pretty frequently. Other instrumentation includes other hand drumming and a kick drum sounding anchoring drum, an electric bass, Toure’s guitar playing and a stable of background singers.

My favorite tune is Kairi Kairi, the second tune on the record, a slow and beautifully melodic tune.  My guess is that this record was made in African, it shows no signs of Western production.  Everything sounds good and is unadorned very much with reverb and delays and other effects.

I’ve clipped a tune from his new record on Glitterbeat because this record Fondo is pretty deep underground with only one tune up on the Youtube/GooglePimp.


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