Best of 2015 Pick 1

Paul Giallorenzo’s Git Go: Force Majeure (Delmark, 2014)

I’m a big fan of Giallorenzo’s piano playing and I have really dug his past two efforts.  Here on this hit he joins up with horn players Mars Williams and Jeb Bishop and a couple of other guys I don’t really know.

When people say they don’t understand jazz I really don’t understand what the fuck they’re on about.  I don’t really understand the point of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, and this is some melodic and swinging music made for humans.  Instead of playing a completely structured tune, jazz has space for people to improvise and explore various musical ideas.  Hippies might call this a jam.  I guess we gotta go back to the basics, y’all out there aren’t idiots, it’s pretty straight ahead.

I like all the players here with the drummer who I don’t know getting respect for his high energy.  Mars Williams plays with his usual fire — part squeak, part red in the face rocking’.

Jazz is a subculture I’m very well acquainted with and for some odd reason it’s in a sort of self made ghetto.  You can’t find Soundcloud streams/Bandcamp embeds easily.  The best I could do is the live clip below, but the studio record is really strong.  I would ask you to trust me, but this is the music business where we’re in the post-trust age.


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