Fuck Beats and their parasitic marketing strategy

I can barely stomach being on Facebook.  I find Mark Zuckerberg to be a bullshit artist on some sort of techno-messianic trip.

But music is social and I have to be on there some to share music, etc.

You can not share a record you’re playing on Beats to Facebook without coughing up your  public profile and your friends list to Beats.

Boy, that’s an awful high price to pay to post a link to a record on Beats.  I’ve chosen to be a Beats customer and don’t think I need to expose my Facebook friends to the Beats marketing machine.  If they want to be on Beats that’s their decision to make and I pay my loot to Beats and they should stay the fuck out of my Facebook situation.

I guess my $9.99 a month doesn’t entitle me to use all the Beats features, I have to pay more to share on Facebook.  You would think a small music streaming service would treat its best customers better.

So I just went to youtube, and I can’t fucking stand Google either, but at least they don’t require you to cough up your Facebook friends.

This is classic music business horse shit — you pay money, but they’ll take more if they can.


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