2014 Honorable Mention Pick 12

Vessel: Punish Honey (Tri Angle, 2014)

I theorize that the Punish in the title of this record refers to the rhythms on this record.  There is a blend of acoustic and drum machine sounds and they’re designed to be minimalist and fairly punishing.  This is not your standard boom titch club electronica record.

Say you took Nine Inch Nails and publicly executed the singer to rid their music of that unpleasant, self-indulgent miserable vibe.  Then if you made the beats less rock like but also brutal in their simplicity and their repetition.

There would be more space for the arrangements to fill and if you can arrange tunes and get some melodies developing you would have a tough, uncluttered electronic music record for the people.  It’s not all aggressive all the way through, I thought the tune Black leaves and Broken Branches to be a really pretty slower and more relaxed piece.

It’s a quality punishment.




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