Best of 2014 Pick 14

Vaudou Game: Apiafo (Hot Casa, 2014)

A superlative rhythm section featuring a drummer with that super light and funky touch that Tony Allen sports, a wide variety of flavorful vocal arrangements, an unusual set of influences within the arrangements – moments of surf-a-billy, psychedelic rock, African music, vintage American James Brown style funk, Fela Kuti, this is an album that is both focused and not concerned with being just one set of sounds.

Here are some interesting highlights for me from this record:

The horn line and George Clinton like la-la-la-la-la vocals on the second tune, Dangerous Bees.

The super popping bass line and the old school hippie rock guitar solo in the third tune, Pas Contentes.

The surf guitar in the fourth tune, Meva.

There is the goofiness of the tune Happyness.

The Fela action of the tune No Way to Go.

Great energy, funky and bubblin’ this record has it goin’ on.




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