Taylor Swift shouldn’t be calling herself an artist

I was in line at the bagel store and started to listening to the tune they had going.  I know this song, where do I know this song?

It was Taylor Swift’s single ‘Shake it Off’.  Man, this tune is shallow.  When you take away the pimped out video and the Taylor Swift/Spotify argument, and you take away the classic Hollywood actress curls and bright red lipstick, the tune is just a watered down version of Andre 3000’s ‘Hey Ya’.

Except Hey Ya is way more catchier.

And that’s today’s music business — the meat is in the marketing.  She talks about her principled fight with Spotify (horseshit!), and she talks about being an artist and pretty soon you think she is a principled artist.

She’s really just a purveyor of post-teen pop gruel/baby food.


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