I hope you like lowest common denominator music cuz that’s what streaming is gonna cultivate

A million plays on Spotify pays $6,000-8,500.

You need millions and millions of streams to pile up loot.

Which means you need millions and millions of people to stream you.

Which means a lot more pop music and a lot more tits and ass Miley Cyrus shopping mall club music,and more softcore Beyonces are being teed up to make money.

Goodbye bands like the Ramones, and anything and everything that can’t pile up millions and milions of streams.

There will be touring so there will be assload of garbage indie going around because white hipster kids will come out to see their hipster idols

Present cultural trends towards shallowness and PR gimmicks will accelerate.

It’s not the fault of listeners, it’s just the combination of mismanagement of the music industry and the machinations of the soulless internet music douchebags.

Enjoy the show as one dimensional as it may be!


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