Best of 2014 Pick 17

Sleaford Mods: Chubbed Up+ (Ipecac, 2014).

If you’re looking for an updated punk blast of anti-social bile and denunciation this record will hook you up.

You don’t tune in for the virtuosic playing which usually consists of an amped bass line or keyboard bass over some half funky/half krautrock beats, you tune in for the lyrics.  There are two MCs and they really don’t give a fuck.

Though I like the urgency of the opener, I”m not sure quite what it’s about, but things really start cooking on the second tune Job Seeker, where there is no shortage of class resentment, fuck offs, and plenty of wanking and drug to take.  And it just gets more acidic and with song titles like Tweet Tweet Tweet and Pubic Hair Ltd it’s pretty clear what the vibe is here.

No punk power chords but plenty of punk attitude to be had here.

A couple of my favorite lines:

I can’t believe the rich exist, never mind rule the fucking country (Track 4, Black Monday).

This is the human race, you kip in your disgrace
Chopped heads on London streets, all you zombies just tweet tweet tweet.  (Track 6)

This review is fucking useless, fuck off!


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