Changes to the list

@@@ Orlando Julius: Jaiyede Afro (Strut, 2014)  A midtempo African record from a longrunning Nigerian musician.  Will gently groove your ears rather than pounding you with classic macho Afrobeat hornlines.  Track 4, Sangodele, is my favorite — it’s like an early ’70s hippie rock jam done by Africans.

@@@ Pacifika: Amor Planeta (Six Degrees, 2014).  The first time I heard this record I thought this would be a high quality world music record for cubicle dwellers out there.  If you check out the vocal arrangements on the first tune, Corre Ya, it’s pretty sophisticated.  The production is lush and when the drums come in there’s a little muscle to prevent the tune from getting too mushy.  While that formula continues and I dig the sound and production of the record, it’s a tad soft for my taste.

@@@ Eccodek: Singing in Tongues (Big Mind, 2014).  I appreciate the dub production elements on this African record.  Vocal delays, some trippy electronic sounds, stuff like that.  There are North African and Middle Eastern musical influences in this record as well.


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