Active Music Listening Thursday October 9, 2014

YTD recordings listened to: 795
Good music, not recommended for purchase: 490
Not good music: 249

Honorable Mentions: 10
Buys: 13

Possibles: Boyd Rivers, Chris McGregor, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Dave Arner Trio, Bill Horist, MAKU Soundsystem, Zomby, Retox, About Group, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Kendl Winter, Bone Dance, Defeater, Jonwayne, Okkyung Lee,  The Ballantynes, Debruit and Aljawal, Slidhr, The Whammies, The Chewers, La Misa Negra, Alexander Hawkins, Cheryl Pyle,  Toxic Holocaust, Equal Stones, Comeback Kid, Susie Iberra/Roberto Rodriguez, Bio Ritmo, Lenguas Largas, Vessel. Earls of Leicester, Khun Narin, Orlando Julius, Vaudou Game, Doug Seegers, Shakey Graves

@@@ Doug Seegers: Going Down to the River (New Rounder, 2014).  Some smooth roots music I got to via the All Music weekly email.  Sort of John Prine-y with a bit of John Hiatt swirled in.  Seegers’ voice is solid and unvarnished — no fancy oversinging here, just fake meat and potatoes (I’m vegetarian).  He does bust out with some old school wailing and that’s pretty nice to hear to see him push on his gravelly accelerator.  The band is very solid, and the second tune adds some blues/gospel redemption vibes into the proceedings and it works.  Oh, nice mandolin!  I’m going to listen more deeply to this record when I have time.

@@@ Shakey Graves: And the War Came (Dualtone, 2014).  Let’s stick in the hayseed alt-country part of town with this record off the All Music weekly email.  Opens up lonesome with a man and his acoustic guitar before some drums and some more voices show up.  On the third tune, Dearly Departed, some arena rock and indie music influences show up — big shouted hooks, handclaps and some power chords.  Usually this move triggers both the stop playing button and a bitter, almost Stalin-esque denunciation but somehow it works pretty good.  In a rare two-fer I’m going to check more of this record when I have more space to listen.

@@@ SBTRKT: Wonder Where We Land (Young Turks, 2014).  Some British 2 step/garage off the All Music weekly email.  Get your swim trunks on, because the waves of bass washing over you in the second track are large.  Some tinkly reverbed percussion and a soul singer sit on top that big ball of bass.  It’s pretty slick production and the contrast between the percussive high end and the boot-i-licious low end is pretty satisfying.  To my ears, the tunes are more about sonic vibe than lyrical content.

@@@ Mammal Hands: Animalia (Gondwana, 2014).  Some polished, contemplative straight jazz I got to via the London Jazz blog.  Instrumentation is piano, sax, bass, and drums.  Production is polished and smooth.  I like my jazz hotter and rougher, but hey that’s just me.



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