Beyonce = Control

From the Daily Beast:



Regular readers know of my particularly strong distaste for the corporate machine known as Beyonce/Jay-Z.

Why you say?

As I’ve commented before and willl comment on again, the job of a great musician is to manipulate listeners through their music.

And even though Beyonce clearly has a beautiful voice and may have the mental capacity to get people to feel her message through her music, the quote above reveals not only her desire to control her fans through her public relations strategy and not through her music.

What I find most sickening is the illusion that Beyonce actively cultivates that she is sharing her life with her fans and that they’re all in it together when she’s really manipulating her customers the way a Fortune 500 company does.  This, in my opinion, is just taking advantage of loneliness and alienation in our society to make money.

To me that’s a fucked up and depressing to watch.  Depressing to watch her transform herself from a person into some sort of human-like branding exercise, and depressing to see how people lap it up with a spoon.




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