2014 Honorable Mention Pick 10

Fat Freddy’s Drop: Blackbird (The Drop, 2014).

When I first heard this record I remember it morphing as it moves through the songs.  Regardless, the first tune, Blackbird, with its combination of roots reggae, soul and electronic music is almost enough to get it honorable mention by itself.  To my ears, this is how you genre mash with style.  Super fat bass lines, great drum machine beats and a sweet singer.

Starting with the third tune, Clean the House, the record pulls a slight turn and turns more towards being an r&b/soul/electronic record.  The quality of the arrangements and sounds remains very high, but I was up for the dub roots explosion.

The last track of the record is a dub but between the first two songs and the last tune it’s a soul/electronic record.

I’ve clipped my two favorite (but not typical of the record) tracks below, but as we live in the age of the single you can peep these and check out more if you like the music.



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