Changes to the big listening list

Third Coast Kings: West Grand Boulevard (Record Kicks, 2014).  A full retro funk record, some vocals but mostly instrumental.  A bit of James Brown, a bit o’ the Meters’ bounce.  Me myself I’m more down with the George Clinton stoned cosmic funk one might find on the stone cold classic, Maggot Brain, but I had this record on in the car with a bunch of kids and they were feelin’ it.  You gotsta start ’em out young and this is a good funk primer..  The drummer kills it on this disc, full on slicin’ and dicin’.

Sidi Toure: Alafia (Thrill Jockey, 2013).  I find Toure’s playing to be top notch but I don’t find his vocals to be as powerful.  He busts out a few times with some inspired singing but he sounds more interested in playing than singing.  However, when he plays man he kills it.

Kasai Allstars: Beware the Fetish (Crammed Disc, 2014).  I’m a big fan of the Konono No. 1 record put out by this Belgian label (the distorted amplified thumb piano just works for me on that record), but this record is a bit low energy for me.  There’s some really nice guitar playing here and a lot of call and response vocals.  And hand drums.



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