Active Music Listening Thursday September 11, 2014

YTD recordings listened to: 714
Good music, not recommended for purchase: 448
Not good music: 219

Honorable Mentions: 8
Buys: 12

Possibles: Boyd Rivers, Chris McGregor, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Dave Arner Trio, Bill Horist, MAKU Soundsystem, Zomby, Retox, About Group, Jello Biafra, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Kendl Winter, Bone Dance, Defeater, Lindi Ortega, Jonwayne, Okkyung Lee,  The Ballantynes, Debruit and Aljawal, Slidhr, The Whammies, The Chewers, La Misa Negra, Alexander Hawkins, Cheryl Pyle,  Toxic Holocaust, Equal Stones, Comeback Kid, Susie Iberra/Roberto Rodriguez, Eccodek, Bio Ritmo, Pacifika, Lenguas Largas

@@@ Can: Ege Bamyasi (Mute, remastered 1972)  I’ve heard of Can but I don’t think I’ve ever checked them out.  Despite not being Jewish I’ve always been a bit prejudiced against the bands out of Deutschland.  It’s ignorant I know.  A funky version of Frank Zappa with a bit of space rock mixed in, they did a really good job remastering this record.  I saw this remastered record listed in my weekly heavy metal email.  It must be a go to space classic for the metalheads.

@@@ Coffins: The Fleshland (Relapse, 2013).  We haven’t done much skull crushing around these parts so I thought I would get down with some heaviness today.  These guys are bringing the guitar sledge hammer on steroids, and mixed with the open high hat on the first tune, Here Comes Perdition this is what I imagine a CIA trip into an ice tub after a long night of sleep deprivation might sound like.  The singer has gimped out into the tune accompanied by a standard thrash section.  His singing is absolutely awful — he sounds like he’s dying of lung cancer, I have no fucking clue what he’s on about.  Great stuff!  They seem to bounce from the slow grind to the thrashing so you’re gonna get some whiplash.

@@@ Gridlink: Longhena (Selfmadegod, 2014).  A 21 minute prog/thrash EP biscuit for ya earholes.  The guitar is not so much sledgehammer as riffy and bright — it’s noisy as fuck to be sure.  The singer sounds like someone is shoving a live weasel up his ass.  Tremendous!  The drummer has to be on his 23rd cup of coffee or something stronger.  This is not your standard metal assault and I dig that — the drummer is the star here but they’re all coming out of their shorts.

@@@ Agathocles: Suppose It Was You (End Of Music, 2013).  I belief those who are all up in the metal sub genres would call this crusty punk.. Could be wrong on that.  Say you were taking a bath and a mental patient came in your bathroom and dropped a giant plugged in radio into your bathtub with you in it and then started talking to you while the voltage ran through you poor body trapped beneath the radio.  It’s just an absolute storm of static and caveman caterwaul.  Extremely pleasant and enjoyable!

@@@ Scrotoctomy: From Torture to Putrefication (Gore House Productions, 2013).  Some metal out of Mexico also off my weekly heavy metal email.  This is more of a power trip mixed with some meth-y really sped up vibes.  The tune opens up with some audio from classic spook Vincent Price before seguing into this.  Oh my, this tune is just turning itself inside out and back again like a sock puppet at a dog park.  Riffage, power chords, aggro thrash, they are just throwing down.  There is a crazy, terrifying wind like sound slicing through the mix which just adds a horrible fourth dimension to an already punishing tune.  I love it, bring it on!

Never mind contemplating what sort of surgical procedure would be called a scrotoctomy.  I’m shrinking just at the thought of it.


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