Changes to the list

Ruthie Foster: Promise of a Brand New Day (Blue Corn Music, 2014).  If you’re a fan of later Bonnie Raitt slow blues rock then you should like Ruthie Foster.  Her voice is borderline extraordinary — so natural sounding and musical it’s why she’s getting a shout out.  The tunes were a bit Republican for my taste — I don’t love the burning Buddy Guy blues style but I did want a little more fire on this record.

Viet Cong: Cassette (Mexican Summer, 2013).  I really liked the first song, Throw It Away — popping bass lines, nice Television-esque and I was psyched, but after the first tune the record kinda takes a dive right into the world of garage-y noise.  I prefer the quirky indie to the reverbed out space garage.

Christian Kjellvander: The Rough and Rynge (Startracks, 2010).  If lonesome Nick Drake had a lovechild with Dwight Yoakam that kid would make a record like this.  Lonesome twang with sparse instrumentation and a bit of Daniel Lanois bigness to the sound of the record.  My favorite tune is the first one, which is clipped below.


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