2014 Honorable Mention Pick 8

Shigeto: No Better Time Than Now (Ghostly International, 2014)

There is a much higher level of melodic development and sonic arrangement on this record than what you find on the vast majority of electronica records.

I find the sound of loung-esque electric piano and the very unique choice of thumb piano to be two big positives for this record.  There’s a pleasant lack of aggro chainsaw synth patches and in the second track, Detroit Part 1, the large thumb piano section gives the tune a sense of motion that is often missing in electronic music.

The beats on this record are funkier than usual old school techno beats — you get some boom titch and your classic handclaps but also some nice drumkit loops.  There’s also a nice helping of shiny tinkly-dink metal percussion sauce over the top of the club beats.

Of the three videos clipped below, Saturn Return is my favorite jam on the record, Detroit Part 1 is a good example of mixing techno and other electronic influences, and the title track, No Better Time Than Now is a more uptempo ecstatic track that some people might find interesting

I recommend this record to non-hardcore electronic music fans/cubicle dwellers who want some tasteful, laidback music.





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