If this is how a music streaming service treats paying customers….

….then imagine how they deal with musicians who they’re supposed to pay.

From an email I got as a former Rhapsody customer:

The proposed Settlement resolves a lawsuit (described below) alleging that Rhapsody International Inc. (“Rhapsody” or “Defendant”) made misrepresentations and omissions in describing its services, as well as imposing improper charges including (a) subscription charges imposed during a free trial period, (b) subscription charges imposed following a subscriber’s cancellation (or attempted cancellation) of their subscription, and (c) multiple subscription charges in a single billing period for multiple accounts associated with a single email address. Rhapsody denies all allegations made in the lawsuit.

These would qualify, in my book, as dirty tricks.  Fucking with people and essentially scamming them out of additional money than the money they’ve agreed to pay Rhapsody.

Now on the other side of the issue, how honest are these guys tallying their artist royalties when they’re rocking their customers like this?

Musicians have every right and are correct in being suspicious of these digital music folks as they seem no different than the old school music folks.



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