Best of 2014 Pick 12

Los Hacheros: Pilon (Chulo, 2012)

I really like the sound and the energy of this salsa recording.  It has the ambient room sound of some of the lonesome Cuban records in my collection.  I also dig the instrumentation — the violin adds a really elegant touch, especially when paired with the flute playing.   There’s an amplified stringed instrument — I don’t think it’s an electric guitar, it sounds like an amplified Cuban son, but I could be completely wrong on that one.  I am wrong, it’s the tres.  In addition, there’s the upright bass, percussion, hand drums.

Lastly, I really like the singer’s style.  He has a lot of fliar and a classic sounding salsa voice and he’s working the songs hard.  Not oversinging nor showing off but working the melodies.  Whenever the singer sounds like he’s really into it really draws the listener into a record.

I’m listening to this record on my iPhone as I finish this write up and these guys really have it going on.  Rhythmically strong, great melodic players who get to take long interesting solos, and a great singer.

A great record to take you out of summer.  Check it out.


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