2014 Honorable Mention Pick 7

Douglas Detrick’s Anywhen Ensemble: The Bright and Rushing World (Novatone, 2014)

Here is a record to invite your friends over for brunch that will impress your guests while also being music that has sophistication without pretention.

Detrick is a trumpet player and he has made a record that is blends improvised music with classical music.  How much of the record is composed and how much is improvised is difficult to tell but there is both a spontaneous feel and a structured feel which I find interesting.

The melodic part of the music is handled by the trumpet, saxophone and bassoon, and cello.  You can read about the band here.  There is a kit drummer on the record which certainly ups the jazz factor on the record.

Reading the back cover of the record .jpg as well as the song titles, I’m guessing the record was written while someone close to Detrick was being born and/or dying.  Maybe a child being born and a parent passing.  That is total speculation on my part.  That’s what the music sounds like to me — somber and melodic, slow and contemplative in tempo.

It’s very easy for a hybrid jazz/chamber music record to be pretentious and up its own butt and I appreciate that although records sounds a bit like an old ECM record it has a musical weight and is much more than a high art sound ensemble.  I thought the last tune, Upon the Wind of his Leaving, was just a beautiful piece of music.

For fans of Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain.

There’s frighteningly little of this record on the web for people to check out.  I’m going to contact his label as I asked them for a copy of the record after I heard a snippet, to see if I can put a track up for people to download or check out.



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