Changes to the Best Of/Honorable Mention list

Greg Ashley: Another Generation of Slaves (Trouble in Mind, 2014).  I was initially drawn to the title of the record.  And then I liked the rawness of the lyrics of the first tune, East Texas Plain — very John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band era explicitness.  I started to lose interest after the fourth tune, Medication #7 when the tunes faded a bit.  The record went from acidic sentiments to a sort of breezy, 1970’s folk rock affair.  I wanted more misery, dammit.

Cage the Elephant: Melophobia (RCA, 2013) Pretty high quality rock from this band out of Kentucky.  Has elements of Brit rock, but not exclusively and not deep quirk — there are plenty of crescendos and rock moments to be had.   Given the endless stream of electronic crap from the major labels, I give respect to this record

Xiu Xiu: Angel Guts: Red Classroom (Polyvinyl, 2014).  I listed this record to come back to later but now I’m not sure why.  I dig the darkness of it, and that it’s mostly electronic elements and it’s not a total whipped, confectionary piece of crap.  Otherwise, it’s really not my thing.  The track below is about as funky as it got.



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